Robert Straub's Inaugural Message Analysis

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Robert W. Straub was born in San Francisco, California on May 6, 1920. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Business Administration at Dartmouth College. During World War II, Straub served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. In 1994, he married his wife Pat, who was influential during his governor years, and had five children. Him and his wife moved to Oregon in 1946 and Straub became a builder and developer in Eugene. Straub is not only known as a husband, a father, and a soldier, but notorious as the 31st Governor of Oregon. During time in office, he is noted as an important figure to Oregon, especially when he was the first leader to voice a concern about air and water pollution.
Straub began
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The message I heard was unmistakable clear. The most important immediate mission of this administration and this legislature is providing jobs for willing workers --- workers who, though no fault of their own --- have not seen a payroll check for weeks and months.” He has identified the critical problem with jobs that is affecting every person in Oregon. His solution concludes that, “We need to reaffirm our commitments that every public employer in Oregon --- and that includes us --- take affirmative action to hire qualified applicants regardless of race, sex or disability.” He wants to create equal opportunities that will benefit the residents of Oregon and the …show more content…
To honor his name and his reputation in Oregon, Nestucca Spit State Park near Pacific City was renamed Bob Straub State Park, and a conference room at Lane County’s government offices gained Straubs title in 2001. Furthermore, a portrait, painted by Paul Missal, hangs in Oregon’s State Capitol building to represent Robert Straub and how he assisted many people and environment in which we call

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