Robert Mugawe's Social Crisis In Zimbabwe

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Register to read the introduction… Zimbabwe was a country with the most unequal economy in the world according to Stoneman, (Stoneman: 1988, p43) as the average earnings for whites were nearly ten times those of blacks who were formally employed. Since whites only made up about 4% of the population, this painted a much skewed picture of the wealth distribution. Initially there were fears that Mugabe would seize white owned farms and subject unmentionable violence on whites. In his opening address however he stunned and tricked the country and the world into believing that his intentions were sincere, “The wrongs of the past must now stand forgiven and forgotten …” (Blair: 2002, p14) It was with these words Mugabe won over even the most …show more content…
The one-party state is more in keeping with African tradition, it makes for greater unity for the people. It puts all opinions under one umbrella, whether these opinions are radical or reactionary.”(2002, P29)

Zimbabwe was once among the most developed countries in Africa. Today however the situation in Zimbabwe is dire, as the economy is in crisis, the monthly inflation rate is approximately running at 13.2 billion per cent, consumer prices on everything from gasoline to glue are doubling everyday, the currency has almost no worth or value, the country’s levels of unemployment rate is formidable, natural resources have all but been destroyed while the country is ruled and dominated by violence and fear.

In my opinion whilst looking at and comparing the rule of Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, I believe that Zimbabwe’s government is totalitarian. George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four s a glimpse into the lives of a society living under totalitarian rule, through the eyes of a seemingly insignificant character ,Winston Smith the characters which are portrayed are constantly monitored, the programs and news on television is controlled and even the media and the information that they are fed is

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