Robert Katz Vs. Technical Skills Essay

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In management every theory related to this subject is related to Robert Katz view of a successful manager.According to Robert Katz there are three critical skill that make forms a successful manager: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. These three skill categories describe the way in which these skills interact with management at various levels. If a manager lacks in any of these basic traits then the business will be in trouble and the manager should not be managing to begin with.
Of the three skill sets identified by Katz, technical skills is a must prerequisite and is the most common known skill. Technical skill is defined as a learned capacity in just about any given field of work and other aspects that involve team play. For example in soccer, a midfielder must be able to quickly distribute the ball through the field, while maintaining an acute accuracy. An example in the professional world is in the field of accounting. An auditor must possess an immense knowledge of the auditing theories and be in compliance with the accounting regulations at the same time.
A manager must be competent in their technical skills to a certain extent. Every business needs competent managers and competent managers need a business. The Front line managers are the type of managers that rely on technical skills. These types of managers are usually seen in warehouses of the companies. Front line managers must communicate to the higher ups,while still speaking the language…

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