Robert Kagan 's The Benevolent Empire Essay

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In The Benevolent Empire, Robert Kagan’s main focus is on the necessity of the benevolent hegemony of the United States as it is an empire that protects its allies more than itself. Kagan begins by making a reference to the Lewinsky scandal and how the world reacted to a possibility of having a weakened American president. He then talked about the international concern and fear from American hegemony as well as the supporters of the important American role in preserving a “semblance of global order”. For Kagan, reliance and resentment for American international dominance are not new. He argues that current resentment is a result of the expansion of American dominance in the post-Cold War era and the talks about a multipolar system and European unity are responses to American power in managing international affairs. He also discusses how undermining the American hegemony would cost other countries more than the United States itself. Disorder and violence along with less democracy and economic growth could be the outcome without American primacy. Kagan also compares American hegemony to previous empires through the “exercise of power” and American strength acquired after the Second World War which was greater than what anyone ever possessed. He also states that the military and economic strength of America helps it achieve any number of “global ambitions”. Also, since the United States emerged as a great power, it has maintained the interests of its allies with its own through…

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