Essay on Robert Indiana 's First Solo Exhibition

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In 1962, Robert Indiana had his first solo exhibition. Followed shortly by his second and third solo exhibitions at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston. However, his art work was displayed in several locations before he got his first solo exhibitions. His work was exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum, the University Museum of Modern Art, the Museum Ludwig, and multiple other museums. During this time period, Robert Indiana was still a minor pop artist; he had not yet experienced a great rise in the popularity of his work among critics and the public. His artwork sales before the creation of Love were significantly lower: most of the art was valued between 3,500 USD and 23,000 USD. It wasn’t until Love that Indiana’s works began gaining popularity. However as the iconic symbol became increasingly popular, Indiana began to use the symbol more and more. As a result, many of his sales after the original Love symbol was created followed the same theme. The word, love, could be found in much of his artwork and sculptures. This evolution of the original Love painting, caused much of his work to be placed at an even higher value. For example, one of the first oil-on-canvas paintings entitled Love was sold for 19,000 USD. From there the symbol continued to gain popularity, skyrocketing the value of Indiana’s work. The Love Wall was sold for 260,000 USD and not long after that a work unrelated to Love, Terre Haute 2, was sold for…

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