Robert Greenleaf: Roles And Development Of Servant Leadership

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Servant leadership was the piloted genius of Robert Greenleaf. His generation of the servant leadership platform and development of the landmark leadership style was first published in an essay, “The Servant as Leader”. This essay publication occurred after his development of a non-profit institution, Greenleaf Center. His humble beginnings included that of being a child whose father ingrained in him the idea that you must demonstrate and develop oneself into someone that others wish to be, he insisted in one of his last publications that “his father was his original model for a servant leader” (Greenleaf Center). Greenleaf was an educated individual who began his career with a large and non-personal company, AT&T. He dedicated his career to becoming what he deemed a “quite influence” from inside one of the large and impersonal businesses. Greenleaf generated leadership management and organized the first management training programs, he was dedicated to ensuring that leaders were cultivated and taught how to lead in a manner that facilitated the entire …show more content…
Greenleaf believed in the power of people within an organization, he encouraged and generated inter-departmental movement and lateral employment journeys for those individuals that were seemingly stuck in menial work positions. The publication of Greenleaf’s “The Servant as Leader” in 1970 proposed that “the best leaders were servants first”. He listed and explained specific tools that those wishing to pursue a role of servant leadership would need to cultivate within themselves. These included, listening, persuasion, access to intuition and foresight, use of language, and pragmatic measurements of

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