Robert Frost's After Apple Picking

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“After Apple Picking”, written by Robert Frost expressed the main idea of aiming for a perfect anything (in this case harvest) that is not realistically possible can cause emotions of disappointment, and despair, as well as provide challenges such as lack of motivation, and cause people, such as the apple picker to overlook the apples that can still be used and to instead ignore them. The main idea of the poem is to represent the fact that by focusing on one thing to much you are also letting good things slip through your fingers without recognizing it. The first example within “After Apple Picking” that supported the main idea of this poem would be the harvest of the apples. “I am overtired of the great harvest I myself desired.” This quote from the poem represents how the apple picker focused so much on a perfect harvest that after years and years of hoping and being let down and disappointed he is finally giving up. …show more content…
Another example of the main idea being shown through the poem is “And there’s a barrel that I didn’t fill Beside it, and there may be two or three apples I didn’t pick upon some borough.” The reason this quote represents the main idea and purpose of the poem is because it displays how because the apple picker was so focused on how the harvest wasn’t “great” that he did not realize or focus on all of the barrels filled with apples. Because the apple picker was so consumed with the fact that the whole harvest wasn’t perfect, he forgot to be grateful for the apples that he was able to harvest and the barrels he was able to

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