Essay Robert Frost 's The Silken Tent

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Robert Frost’s “The silken tent” diverges from Frost’s usual writing style and subjects, making it a very interesting poem. While Frost is known for his poems about nature, this particular poem centers around a person, though there are several elements of nature in the poem. There is a question of whether or not the poem has romantic undertones as Frost is comparing an unnamed woman to a tent, which isn’t exactly a compliment for most people who read the poem. The poem is still, however, often analyzed as being about a woman Frost loved, making the comparison to a tent extremely strange and leaving the reader to wonder if there is a deeper meaning behind comparing a woman to a tent. “The silken tent” uses several craft annotation elements in order to get Frost’s point across, such as metaphor, rhyme, and alliteration that make the poem more effective. The entire poem is a metaphor comparing a woman whom Robert Frost supposedly loves to a tent. Specifically, “She is as in a field a silken tent/At midday when a sunny summer breeze/Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent” (Frost 1-3). Comparing a lover to the sun of summer is cliche, in my opinion, yet it’s the only understandable compliment Frost gives his lover. I, for one, do not interpret being compared to a tent as a nice poem. The metaphor makes little sense, yet for Frost, it does, as he spends the entire poem discussing the tent and what the tent is subjected to, making the tent more beautiful. The comparison of the…

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