Robert Frost Two Road Analysis

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Two Roads in Life
“Two roads diverged into a yellow wood,” Robert Frost uses this to open up one of his most famous pieces of Literature. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost published in 1916 and it was the first poem in the collection, Mountain Interval. Through research done by the staff at The Harriet, they were able to find this poem was loosely based on an experience Frost and a fellow friend shared together. Frost and Edward Thomas would frequently have in-depth conversations while walking through the woods near their houses. Frost was inspired to write this poem because of Thomas’s indecisiveness of joining World War I. Thomas had two roads to go choose, and the ability to choose the correct path to go in life is daunting.
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Imagery can also be combined with a metaphor, Frost did that with the first line the in first stanza. He mentioned yellow wood which implies yellowing of the trees. This leads us to infer that it is fall and chilly because the leaves change to yellow during this time. When Frost finishes the first stanza, he closes with “To where it bent in the undergrowth” (Frost). He wants the audience to see the messy and woodsy forest as he see when he walks through. This messy forest is also a symbol of the messy and confusing process that goes into decision making. This metaphor also leads the reader to realize how he is unable to see both sides of the road and is uncertain where is he walking, which relates to how he is unable to see what lies ahead based on his decisions. In the second stanza, Frost describes in greater detail the forest to make the reader feel surrounded and trapped. The third line read “Because it was grassy and wanted wear” (Frost). The grass around you was nice and tall because nobody had been down that path to break it down and make it easy for you. Frost used this to show how when making a decision; it is often hard to decide on a plan because no one has broken down that barrier. Or the grass, in this instance. This connects the third stanza when Frost says “In leaves no step had trodden black” (Frost). This is also saying no one …show more content…
Frost uses various accounts of metaphors to relate back to the original message, while also giving something to relate back to. Frost infuses imagery to place the reader in the story for they can live through this process as

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