Robert Frost And Pastoral Poetry

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“Frost transforms a personal event into a shared experience and, in the process, unveils the hidden continuities that bind humanity.”(Hass) The 20th and 21st centuries were eventful times that shaped the lives of many Americans. During this era, the world underwent new technological advancements and was witness to two world wars. People all around suffered through events such as, The Great Depression, The Holocaust, and The Cold War. Nations competed against each other to be the first to explore space and develop a deeper understanding of the Universe. In this time of great advancements, many stepped away from rural life and into more modern and urbanised living. Robert Frost, one of America's most known poets, was greatly influenced by the changing times of the 20th century. Frost’s …show more content…
Robert Frost writes some of his pastoral poetry during the 20th century era. This era of time lead the may for the modernisation of society and shifted the values that people held. No longer were people farming fields, but rather, those people moved to cities and began to work in the industrial branch. People became more disconnected with nature, in this way, Frost attempts to bring some connectivity through pastoral poetry. This sentiment is expressed by Robert Frost in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep.” Individuals can be captivated by nature but social restraints keep individuals occupied and disconnected from nature. Readers during and after the 20th and 21st century of Frost’s pastoral poetry can catch a glimpse of nature before modernization. Joseph R. Roach, professor at Washington University, states, “Nature, as portrayed in poetry, has the ability to tell a story.” The natural world has long stood and provided for individuals, these are just some of the messages that underline Frost’s

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