Robert Frost A Life By Jay Parini Essay

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“You don’t want to say directly what you can say indirectly” (Parini 86), is a quote from the 1999 book, Robert Frost a life by Jay Parini. Robert Frost makes this remark in an attempt to show readers that when it comes to poetry, he prefers to write about themes that people love and then make those matters disappear and rise again in new forms. This complex writing goal of Frost, appears to send a clear message to readers: the voice that Frost is presenting in his poetry will likely present themes that contains layers of meaning. Not only does this cleaver writing technique opens the door to provocative themes in poetry, but it may even force the audience toward an ambiguous reading of the text. One poem that appears to read with this style of double meaning and morphing themes is Frost’s poem “Love and a Question,” from the 1913 collection, A Boy’s Will. When the voice that Frost is presenting mixes the topics of right or wrong with a very strong sexual desire for someone, the mood of the text increases rapidly as a dramatic conflict between opposing elements unfolds for the audience. In five paragraphs totally thirty-two lines, the poem reads more like a play, with three main characters and a scene that is set at the home of a couple on their wedding night. But what “Love and a Question” really concerns is plainly obvious to the reader, shown in the thoughts and final conclusions that the main character reaches. The poem is actually the tale of a man’s journey of…

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