Essay about Robert E. Lee 's Civil War

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Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee was a General in the Confederate army and led the south in fighting the Union army in the American Civil War. He was a seasoned general, in fact, he could’ve even led the Union army if he took the offer up from President Lincoln. Before he decided to lead the south, he had thought long and hard because he didn’t really see a purpose for there to be a war centered around slavery. But with his ties to Virginia, he decided to go ahead and lead the Confederates in the Civil War. Robert E. Lee had much respect from the soldiers he lead, and lots of them would blindly follow his orders without thinking twice about them. But at the same time, although he was a general with much experience, a few soldiers still questioned his tactics that he used in the Civil War, especially since it was a loss for the Confederates. General Lee enjoyed to use traditional tactics that usually involved direct assault. He believed sneaky tactics such as retreating and sneaking up on the enemy showed cowardice and bad morale. Other soldiers believed that his outdated tactics were obvious to the enemy, and should be renewed by new, fresh tactics. Lee always decided against changing his tactics. As Lee saw all of his plans fall apart at Gettysburg, he started to believe some his tactics weren’t working and finally retreated after his army was almost obliviated by Pickett’s Charge. He took blame for the loss of the south, but many of his soldiers disagree and would rather…

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