Robert E Lee Influence

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Robert E. Lee was a famous military Leader known best for his time serving during the Civil War. Lee was the general of the Confederates from 1861 to 1865 and was previously involved in the U.S. Army (Pryor). Although Lee was highly esteemed for his service, his actions during battle invoked various consequences. Robert E. Lee 's decision to side with the Confederacy during the Civil War was strongly influenced by his military background with family and friends; his decision caused a great controversy to arise. Lee was born on January 19, 1807, to his parents Henry Lee III and Ann Hill Carter in Westmoreland County (Pryor). Likewise, Henry Lee strongly influenced Robert 's Military career. Henry fought in the Revolutionary War and was highly commended for it (McNeese 12). Furthermore, Henry also fought alongside Nathaniel Greene and George Washington during the American Revolution and was given the title “Light-Horse Harry” for his service in the light partisan unit. Unfortunately, while Robert was still a baby, his father was arrested for Debt. As a result, Henry Fled …show more content…
Meade 's army. Between July 1-3, 1863, Abraham Lincoln appointed Meade to lead the Potomac Army and to cut off Lee 's plan to invade Pennsylvania. Lee was not aware of Meade 's army 's location, so he moved north of Gettysburg in the hopes of catching them there; however, Meade 's army was actually just south of Lee and his men. Lee discovered this and decided to strike, but he encountered Federal Calvary and instead retreated. Following this, General James Longstreet pleaded Lee to return south and find a way to reach Meade instead of blindly attacking; however, Lee denied and continued to attack. Consequently, Lee 's defiance resulted in Meade 's army surrounding the Confederates during the night. As a result, Lee was proven wrong and allowed Meade to gain the upper hand

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