Robert E Lee Character Analysis

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Robert E. Lee is a well-known Civil War general who people acknowledge as a military genius who fought for his home, Virginia. Robert E. Lee’s caring and affectionate character is something many people associate with him. His childhood saw poverty and struggle, as well as many things that contributed to the characteristics Lee displays in his adulthood. Robert E. Lee is often regarded as an ideal man of great character and if not for the people and events of his childhood, he may never have developed the crucial aspects of his character. Robert E. Lee was the product of two influential and well-respected families of Virginia: the Lees and the Carters. In the later parts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries of American history, the …show more content…
Lee’s childhood experiences helped to mold the well known character of the Civil War hero that most people recognize today. His coming from many very important families helped Lee to establish a sense of superiority and a desire for respect from those around him; however, he learned through his schooling and military careers that, that respect must be earned and given, as well. The relationship he had developed with his mother taught him to love his family and be dedicated to them, as well as to his own faith in God. Due to the maternal influence in his life and her frequent sickliness, Robert E. Lee learned not to take the time he had with his family for granted. Although the example set by his father was not a good one, Lee managed to learn from his father's mistakes and not make them in his own life, as well. He loved and did not abandon his family and was careful about his finances. He was used to being at the top, however, he quickly learned in life that the only way to get there was to work hard at it and try his best in everything that he did. Although Robert E. Lee’s childhood was not always easy for him, his character matured into one that was always changing for the better and wanted others to be the best versions of themselves, as

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