Robert Dylan 's A Song Called Hurricane Essay

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In the 1960’s racism was a huge problem. Race today is still an issue when it comes to white and black people. In today’s day and age the race problem has decreased a lot since the 60’s. In the 60’s the people that were not considered “white” were not considered as normal humans. If a white man did something that was not right or illegal they knew saying it was a black man was the easy way out. Not all white people were against black people. Bob Dylan is a man who was not racist at all considering he helped a black man named Rubin Carter clear his name. Dylan wrote a song called Hurricane, because it was Rubin Carter’s middle name. The song was based off a true story which taught people what actually happened the night of the bar shooting in 1966. Dylan got all of his facts from Carter while he was in prison, so all the facts were accurate. Dylan’s song in the story of how Rubin got arrested and convicted for a murder he did not commit. This song was one of the reasons they reopened the case against Carter and helped him clear his name.
Rubin Carter was a famous black boxer in the 60’s, he was not just any boxer he was one of the best. The bar, Lafayette Grill was a white bar in Patterson, New Jersey where this triple murder occurred. Since this was a white bar it was easy to pin this crime on a black man. Bello and Bradley who were the ones who should have been convicted told the police they were only at the bar to steal money from the register. They told the cops that the…

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