Charles Darwin Contributions

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Contributions of Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin was a British scientist best known for his contributions to the evolutionary theory and his theory of natural selection. Darwin came up with these theories in the late 1830s, but failed to publish them until the release of his book the Origin of Species in 1859. With pressure building from colleagues and scientists in the Far East, it is said that Darwin decided to rush publishing his findings. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was constructed during a period of industrialization that was taking hold in Britain and the United States. Society during this time was looking to science to answer questions that had troubled the world for centuries. Explanations were being demanded and controversy
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During the mid-1850s, after much of Darwin’s research had been compiled he introduced some of his colleagues, Lyell and the botanists Joseph Hooker and Asa Gray, into the details of his theories in order to begin writing his book. However, when he became aware of another naturalist that was gathering information for a theory similar to his own, Darwin rushed to release pieces of his theory so that he would not loose his twenty years of hard work. Then, immediately after he accumulated all of his work into one account, which was published in 1859 as On the Origin of Species. This experience influenced Darwin greatly, in that he had to interpret research he had accumulated over decades, and scramble to formulate a solution to the issue. The competition he felt from the larger scientific community could’ve instantaneously destroyed his years of research. This very pressure though can be interpreted to have solidified and focused the vast amount of research Darwin had accumulated over his lifetime. Darwin built on the works of those who came before him, and the influences from colleagues and adversaries facilitated the flourishing of his theories on …show more content…
Darwin’s theories were published in his book On the Origin of Species in 1859, and since then have created a wave of controversy throughout the world. Due to over twenty years of research, Darwin was able to advance the already speculated questions of evolution and how society came to be. Also with the help of his scientific community and influences from professors and colleagues Darwin was able to make these significant contributions to society. The social and cultural environment of Darwin also played a factor in the development of these contributions to society because of people like Thomas Malthus. Clearly, despite controversy and speculations from the scientific community Charles Darwin was able to compile years of research into books, and single handedly change the world

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