Robert D. Hare 's Book Without A Conscience Appeals Essay examples

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I did not trust him alone with our son and likely never will. I witnessed him engage in questionable sexual conduct with our infant. I saw him shout in our son’s face for what was often accidental scratching, poking or pinching. I saw him punch our younger dog in the head to the degree that the dog urinated instantly. Our young son saw him punch a hole in the wall, smack the dogs for little to no reason. I was instructed to punch our un-neutered young dog in the testicles if he tried to mount me. My twelve year old dog skulked around Danny. The dog wasn’t excited to see him when he came home from work but I was.
I was gullible, giving, compliant and patient. When I took a turn for the worse I had no idea how to escape but knew that my decline would affect our son.
I could not be the mother I was nor wanted to be…
Robert D. Hare’s book Without a Conscience appeals to those interested in popular psychology and offers an interesting analysis of criminal psychopaths and serial killers based upon close monitoring within the prison population. This is an enlightening read in times of massive political corruption, corporate tycoon, and Wall Street trickery.
It is emphasized in Without a Conscience that not all serial murderers are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are serial killers. Initially, the scope of this book seems narrow but opens a broad spectrum of inferences for those in relationships with non-criminal and unidentified psychopaths. The close observations, which are…

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