Robert Caro 's Writing Techniques Essay

1114 Words Jun 9th, 2016 null Page
Writing can be a difficult and a nearly impossible skill to master without time and patience to properly express the writer’s ideas correctly onto paper. Each writer 's process is unique for expressing their stories or ideas but there are differences and there are similarities for each process. Robert Caro was not bound by time to create his literary art and spent most of his life perfecting the books he has written not settling for less to accelerate the finishing of the books. Caro made sure to exhaust every aspect of his research to bring as much information as he could for his readers. Although it 's hard to see that a writer like Robert Caro could have similar writing techniques as a college student in this day in age is extraordinary the basic techniques for writing are there. Robert Caro’s process of writing is very unique in that it 's his process everyone has their own way of expressing their ideas and facts on paper. “I’m not saying this is the right way to do it, but this is the right way for me to do it”. (Johns, para 8) Caro’s process could be completely different to another successful writer 's process but both have the mindset of a successful writer. When Robert Caro writes he knows it 's going to take tons of research therefore he writes one to two paragraphs to refer back to if in the future he feels he is off track or needs guidance on how to proceed next in his book. Caro like most writers needs an outline which he has tacked up on his board for when…

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