Robert Browning And The Victorian Era Essay

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Robert Browning and the Victorian England
“The Victorians lost a few workers in everything they built, rather like a votive offering,” Christopher Fowler wrote, author of Full Dark House when describing the Victorian Era (Victorian Era). While the Victorian Era was a time of great invention and innovation in England, many people suffered due to the rise of Victorian England in order for the country to succeed, much like a religious sacrifice. The Victorian Era was an industrial time where many grew and prospered, while others were in misery in England during the nineteenth century. During Victorian England, Robert Browning changed the world with his poetry, showing the importance of the time he lived in. Through Robert Browning’s work, he changed
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Using their writings, the writers of Victorian England captivated the world with the stunning pieces of literature that would shape the world. A writer in particular that used his writings to change the world was Robert Browning. Born in Camberwell, England in 1812, Robert Browning gained public recognition for his writings during the 1860s (Greenblatt 709-10). Robert Browning used his writings to shape the world around him, being one of the most read writers of the Victorian Era. Browning used dramatic monologues, describing his writings to be “lyric in expression but Dramatic in principle, and so many utterances of so many imaginary person, not mine” (Greenblatt 555). With his unique and distinctive writing styles, he wrote one of his most famous works, My Last Duchess. The poem of My Last Duchess shocked the world with its well crafted writing and innovative ideas. Using the life of Duke Alfonso II of Ferrara as his influence for My Last Duchess, Browning wrote powerful lines such as “then all smiles stopped together. There she stands/ As if alive” that showcased the power of his writing and how truly talented he was in his crafting of words in his works (Greenblatt 716). Sharing his works with the world, Robert Browning became one of the great Victorian writers, changing the world with his literature that captivated the Victorian

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