Essay about Robert Baden Powell : A Man Of Many Talents

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The Great Outdoorsman The great outdoors, this man truly enjoyed. Famous in England for his creation of a worldwide scouting movement, Robert Baden-Powell was a man of many talents (“Robert Baden-Powell Facts.”). Robert Baden-Powell, also known as Lord Baden-Powell or AKA First Baron Baden-Powell, was an illustrator, painter, military leader, and journalist. In addition to all his talents, though, he is best known as the founder of the Boy Scouts and the Girls Guides Movement, known as the Girl Scouts in America (“Robert Baden-Powell”). In his life he did many great things and impacted both British and American history from his lifetime to today. Living a long life, Baden-Powell was inspired by his parents to become who he was. Robert Baden-Powell, originally named Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was born in London, England on February twenty-second of 1857 and after almost eighty-four years he passed away on January eighth of 1941 in Nyeri, Kenya (“Robert Baden-Powell”). His father, Professor H.G. Baden-Powell, was a professor of natural science and his mother, Henrietta Smyth, raised seven children to love the outdoors, which greatly impacted Robert. Simultaneously his education began in the outdoors with his parents. Furthermore, formal education soon followed and started with a Dame’s School in Kensington Square. Then in 1868 he attended the Rose Hill School in Tunbridge Wells, where his father was educated (“Robert Baden-Powell Facts.”). Two years later he won a…

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