Road Rage Essay Conclusion

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Register to read the introduction… Studies show everyone experiences rage, but not all have resorted to violence. There have been tens of thousands of accidents occurring from rage, mostly by young adults. Since traffic is so crowded, people tend to get annoyed and rage starts to set in. Moreover, over 70% of the world own cars increasing the rage and odds of accidents that occur. When people get agitated they do dangerous things because they do not consider the consequences. Having a bad day or getting enraged by watching another driver do less than ideal driving habits are often causes of road rage. Having a need to control the situation and other drivers on the road or feeling possessive over your side of the lane also causes accidents. There were about 10,034 police reports and stories that showed traffic accidents ended in violence. People are complicated, confusing human beings it is hard to know why someone does what they do. The psychologist side shows people feel the vehicle is a safe place and that an accident will not happen to them and that they happen to other people. Road rage is usually triggered by a flash of anger that intensifies like a fire doused with gasoline. This anger can be caused by a driver being cut off in traffic, being tailgated too closely, or by any number of other irritating motorists’ behaviors that can inflame a fellow …show more content…
New York City, and Chicago are the areas in the United States where road rage is the worst. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston are also leading contenders in road rage problems. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average weight of a consumer end vehicle is more than 4000 pounds! This includes cars, sports utility vehicles, vans, and light-weight trucks, not commercial sized vehicles. To put this into the proper perspective, 4000 pounds equals 2 tons. It is also the same approximate weight as an Asian elephant, a female orca whale, or an African hippopotamus. In other words, the average weight of a vehicle on the road is quite heavy. In fact, some consumer end vehicles are approaching 3 tons, or 6000

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