Road Rage And Reckless Driving

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For a lot of people, road rage is a big problem. With the high levels of stress and how busy and in a hurry everyone is, road rage seems to be the norm these days. Road rage and reckless driving is very dangerous, and something needs to be done about it because most people think that it’s okay and just assume that everyone drives recklessly. I think that the main thing that causes road rage in this day in age is carelessness and high levels of stress. Many people have different opinions of driving. For me, driving is very calming, and it’s a good way to get my mind off of things. If I’m stressed out or just annoyed with people, then I can just get in my car, turn the radio on, and go for a drive to think things over or just try to forget about what happened. For others though, driving is very stressful, and it causes people to get angry. For some, the smallest thing can trigger someone. Whether they get cut off or if someone pulls out in front of them, they’re initial response is to have road rage and be hostile to the …show more content…
People are always in a rush, whether it’s to get to work, taking their kids to school, or just running errands. That sense of urgency that most people seem to have these days causes a lot stress. That stress can tend to lead to those people exploding with anger. With all that penned up stress and the sense of urgency, someone might get angry very easily when another person gets in their way on the road because chances are that they are in a rush to get somewhere. Like Gottfried said in “Rambos of the Road”, people are even aggressive when they are trying to get to a gas pump or at toll booths such as when people constantly switch lanes to try to get through the line quicker, even though they would probably get through the lines quicker if everyone just stayed in the lane that they started in (Gottfried

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