Road End Systems Theory Analysis

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Culminating Task: “Road Ends” and The Systems Theory Road Ends is the story of the dysfunctional Cartwright family and the events in which they experience that impact them as a whole. Though many theoretical perspectives could be related to Road Ends, the Systems Theory relates the most. The systems theory is the most relevant as the members of the family, specifically Megan, Edward and Emily greatly impact the family, or system as a whole.
Megan, daughter of Edward and Emily , possibly has the biggest influence on the system she is in, which is her family. Megan wanted to get away and leave home, after speaking to her father, to her surprise encouraged her to go, she decided to go to England. Megan planned to live with her friend Cora and
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Throughout Road Ends, Edward spends most of his free time in his study, the library, or at Harper’s. Edward often complains about Emily and her parenting habits but does nothing to help her or any other situations in the family, asides from providing some funds for Megan moving away. Edward often dwells on memories and dreams of his father who was extremely negative and toxic, and sometimes sees his father in himself. He dislikes seeing his father in himself and does not want to be a father like his, but still does nothing to change his ways. Edward’s actions are driven by fury and unhappiness and negatively affects the family, especially the younger members like Adam. At many times throughout the story Adam is terrified because of his father. When referring to Tom seeing Adam “But he couldn’t help noticing the anxiety in his younger brother’s eyes and it struck him that a kid that age shouldn’t be looking like that.” (Lawson, 31). Edward focuses too much on his obsession with Rome and his work, which negatively affects his role as a father. Towards the end of Road Ends, it is revealed that Edward never wanted to marry Emily but wanted to be polite, wanted to experience sex and figured that he would die in the war anyways. Edward made it back from the war and came back to the life of a husband and father. As a result, Edward became unhappy and his attitude is reflected in how he negatively affects the …show more content…
As a result of Megan moving away Emily only focussing on Domenic, and Edward on Rome and work, Adam became neglected. The anxiety and issues Adam had struck Tom hard when he found out. Emily had forgotten groceries, which caused Adam to go hungry, so Tom went out in the blizzard to get food and cook it for Adam and himself. Tom found out Adam was wetting the bed and still sleeping in his wet bed, he became very upset. While mourning the loss of Robert and working his job, Tom did everything he could to take care of Adam. If Tom had not stepped up the family could have been worse. The Cartwright family was dysfunctional because of many reasons and people. Whether it was Megan leaving for England, Emily’s neglect, or Edward’s toxic attitude and actions, all three individuals were part of the family, which is their system and they impacted the system as a whole in various ways, mainly negatively. Tom was an important part in the system, picking up the pieces and trying to fix the issues. Tom was a positive impact on the system. The Cartwright family shows how the instability in one member or more can affect the family as a whole, therefore displaying the Systems

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