Riverside, Ca General Plan Analysis And 30 Year Strategy Essay

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Riverside, CA—General Plan Analysis and 30-Year Strategy
Riverside City is located in Southern California. It was founded during the mission days under Spanish rule in the early 1800s, when ranchos (land grands) were offered to citizens of high standing. The downtown design was a grid iron pattern borrowed from the design of downtown Philadelphia . The city benefitted from the “second gold rush” of California; navel oranges were a cash crop in the area. The citrus industry assisted in the real estate boom. Riverside was incorporated in 1883, and street cars were used in downtown. The city is unique in two respects, it has prominent educational influence and military influence. First established as a research center for citrus crops, University of California Riverside now has 23,000 enrolled students . Other institutions, like the California Baptist College in El Monte and La Sierra University, offers not only higher education for residents, but also theatre and performance space for arts. The March Air Force Base was installed in 1918 southeast of the city in Moreno Valley. It is now a joint-use airport that is leased for civilian aviation after deactivation of 4400 acres of the base in 1996. The March JPA General Plan for 2030 envisions the land to be repurposed for a new business park, medical campus, and warehouses in addition to senior residential housing and other public facilities . The military influence graces Riverside with a sense of character with…

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