Rivalry For Apple's Bargaining Power Of Apple

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Register to read the introduction… This has left entrants struggling to compete with Apple's iPhone and iPad. Bargaining Power of Supplies: Apple has the obvious win. Its balance sheet carries over $110 billion in cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities. Suppliers are so small in comparison that, in many cases, Apple makes up over 25% of its suppliers' business. Bargaining Power of Buyers: Apple's buying power is evident in intangible switching costs and Apple's enormous sales volume. Most Apple customers are more than a buyer of one, usually the own multiple products. Apple also offers carriers and retail stores the promise of a huge volume of sales and fanatic customers. Treat of Substitutes Products: Apple offers much more than its competitors. When customers buy an iPhone they are getting beautiful hardware seamlessly integrated with an OS that is built specifically for Apple products. Apple This synergy locks customers in and prompts them to buy more Apple products to add to their synergy. No competitor has a synergy that can compare. Rivalry among Competing Firms: It's not easy to compete with Apple. While Apple's Gross profit soars as it takes advantage of a willing market ready to adopt smart phones and tablets, many competitors stand by losing profit and market …show more content…
This viral marketing technique which Apple has adopted using social networking sites and the web as a whole has be a successful attempt in bringing the world closer to Apple.
Product differentiation: Apple products include the iPod’s, iPads, iTouch, iTV and iPhone along with a number of computer attractive apps and software’s. Apple is called as a refuge of consumer electronics.
Superior brand and product placement: With competitors like Microsoft offering their software’s for almost a majority of personal computers, the founders of Apple decided to go the niche marketing way, thus pricing their products at a superior level than the others. Customer loyalty: This is the most essential element deciding the popularity of your product and Apple certainly managed to do it the right way. By establishing sole Apple selling product stores all over the globe, the sellers are well equipped with the knowledge they require to sell the product. The consumers can personally check out all the features in this store and have a real life experience of using the

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