Ritz-Carlton Case Study Essay

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Ritz-Carlton Case Study

The two different types of (CRM) Customer Relationship Management are operational and analytical CRM. “Operational CRM supports traditional transactional processing for day-to-day front-office operations or systems that deal directly with the customers. Analytical CRM supports back-office operations and strategic analysis and includes all systems that do not deal directly with the customers. According to our text book the primary difference between operational CRM and analytical CRM is the direct interaction between the organization and its customers.” The Ritz-Carlton has a Customer Loyalty Anticipation Satisfaction System (CLASS). “The system stores guest preferences, and alerts the front desk clerks when
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Have one of the toughest application and interview processes. Choose the people that will uphold the Ritz-Carlton values.”
2. “Once you have the right people, indoctrinate them. Having a staff means nothing if they are not properly trained and willing to give 110%.”
3. “Talk above values and stoke enthusiasm. The reason why I put this one third is because if your employees do not know the values you expect them to uphold then they can not do their job properly.”
4. “Treat staffers the way they should be treat customers. If your employees are treated with respect they will treat your customers with respect and the customers will notice it.”
5. “Offer ‘memorable’ service.” Everything you do is for the customer. I like how the text book quotes John Timmerman, Vice President for quality and productivity, “What others call complaints, we call opportunities.” It is taking the bad and turning it into the good.
6. “Eschew technology, except where it improves service. I like how the Ritz-Carlton holds firm on not replacing people with machine check-in kiosks. I feel that in places like Airports, train stations, bus stations and other transportation locations a kiosk is ok, but in a hotel I don’t think it is completely appropriate. My reasoning behind that is a hotel is offering a customer more than just transportation from point A to point B; they are offering them an experience.
Please note that just because one of these steps is ranked

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