Risks Of Using Personal Devices At Work Essay

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Bring Your Own Devices
Risks Behind Benefits In recent years, almost all employees are familiar with using electronic devices at work. In particular, email, calender, scheduling services, databases and company apps directories, which are the top five applications used by employees (PR Newswire, 2013). However, mostly employees prefer to use these applications by their own computers, tablets and smartphones. This kind of phenomena is called bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and the number of companies which allows their employees to use their own devices has increased dramatically since 2011. The expectation is that about half of the world’s companies will adopt BYOD programs by 2017 (Kanaracus, 2013). Though some risks prevent some companies from embracing BYOD, more and more employers see the benefits as outweighing the risks. However, using personal devices still threatens the companies which accept BYOD. Therefore, this report aims to identify what kinds of benefits appeal to companies to take risks of using personal devices at work. Then, this report also figures out some possible solutions to handle the problems associated with BYOD.

Trend in BYOD’s development
In the past, BYOD’s appearance did not have exactly time, but some evidences prove that more and more employees and employers are concerning BYOD. According to the graphs and google, BYOD appeared in 2005 and since then it has increased dramatically. There were only a few companies who had policies to…

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