Risks Of The Fat People Exist Essay

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Risks in the “Fat People Exist” The article talks about the author’s thought when he saw a card which was pasted in the door of a bathroom. The card encourages women to do exercises, in order to be strong and healthy, and don’t be fat anymore. It also shows that we should love our body, which looks great, it shows a positive lifestyle, but the author has her own opinions about the card. She thinks that people have their own body, fat is not a negative word, it is just a word that describe our body type, so, people can’t discriminate the fat people, also fat people should be self-confidence and love their body more. If there was something or someone that violated them, they should not be silent, they should gain respect, in addition, she indicates that people always ignore fat’s positive influence in our health, such as: the fact that being overweight decrease a premenopausal woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and lowers the mortality risk for heart disease patients.
Most people want to have a strong and healthy body, the first thing is avoiding fat, but the article shows a different opinion of fat, she thinks that it is not worth for people to get out of their way to lose weight. It is stupid to be self-disgust because of their weight, we can do what ever we want in our daily life, we don’t need to count how many cookies you eat, calculate how much calories we get, and worry about our weight, why do we should care about others people’s opinion? The only result is…

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