Risks And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Effects of Social Media
Social Networking Sites are websites that allow people to interact with each other by creating profiles and being able to connect with other people that they know or share the same common interests with. These are sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which have attracted an unbelievable amount of people who use Social Networking Sites daily. SNS continue to attract people to create profiles and connect with the thousands of other people who are already on the sites, the people that tend to be targeted the most are teenagers and young adults because the websites are basically giving to all their interests. Some of the features of SNS are that anyone can make their own profile and edit it however they please,
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Content risks are seen a lot in cyberbullying, “a typical example of provocative content teenagers might come across on SNS are hate-messages. These messages can be quite direct, like in an aggressive status update or post on someone’s wall, but they can also be indirect, e.g. by joining hate groups” (Vanderhooven 124). The second risk that can occur because of cyberbullying is contact risks, which happen when someone communicates with another person through social media, the most common place for cyberbullying to occur is through personal messaging or posting something for everyone to see or through groups of people. And last, commercial risks are when someone’s information is being shared for a purpose that it was not originally meant to be used for, such as someone sharing a picture to make fun of the person in it for what they may be wearing or doing. Since social media has become such a huge thing among teenagers, there are more and more issues that involve cyberbullying and it is important to bring awareness to the issue at hand. Sharing too much information on social media can become an invasion of privacy, how? Teenagers tend to share their everyday lifestyle online and some tend to share more than others and this is not always used in a positive way. This is because someone can get their hands on this information and use it to their benefit and teenagers do not understand all the outcomes that can happen from posting their personal information and how it increases their exposure. Someone could see the picture of the new tv that this person got and they might decide to break into their home and steal it. Not only is this an invasion of privacy but it is also very dangerous, it is so easy for someone to do something like this without a second thought. Each user should be

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