Essay on Risk Tolerance : A Of A Product Before Purchase

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Risk Tolerance
Risk tolerance is an important aspect in investing, because it determines an how an individual will respond to certain situations when making an investments. In our lifetime, we will invest our money into commodities and expenses for enjoyment, security, or to make a profit. Regardless of the result, different people respond differently when it comes investing. There are those who are conservative and like to play it safe. Others are aggressive and like the high risk, high reward investments. At a score of 32, I have a tolerance score that is above average. When making an investment, I am cautious. Before I invest, I like to research and gain familiarity of a product before purchase. But I also have a very ambitious side that is willing to take risk.
Social Security
Social security is a federal insurance program, that provides monetary assistance and benefits for events such as death, health problems, and disability to retired individuals who are unemployed and can no longer work. Social security is funded through paying taxes directly to the Social security system. For many individuals, social security will determine how well they will live in their retirement years. At an expected salary of $81,312, I will receive $2,269.00 per month, if I plan on retiring at the age of 62. As the proportion of current workers to Social Security recipients is shrinking, there is a chance that Social Security may change when it is my time to collect. Despite that fact that my…

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