Risk Management Programs Are Essential For Any Hospital Essay

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Risk management programs are essential to any hospital. While it is known that humans will make mistakes, it is imperative that risk managers do what is necessary to assist the health care workers in providing quality care for the patients. A good risk manager will accomplish this task while minimizing risks to the patients, health care staff, and the organization.
Risk Manager’s Role
The purpose of a risk management program is to reduce the likelihood of errors that are costly to an organization in terms of damage, discomfort, disability, or distress to an individual, as well as limit financial loss the organization (Moss, 1995). The risk manager needs to accomplish this while contributing to the quality of patient care. Additionally, the risk manager must be proactive and reactive in regards to errors.
The role of the risk manager will vary from organization to organization. Some organizations may only have one risk manager taking care of all risk management responsibilities and other organizations may split the responsibilities into various departments. However, the job responsibilities of most risk managers include loss prevention and reduction, claims management, risk financing, regulatory and accreditation compliance, risk management operations, and bioethics (Carroll, 2009).
The Joint Commission’s Requirements for Sentinel Event Reporting
The Joint Commission defines sentinel events as a patient safety event that results in death (not related to the patient’s…

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