Risk Management Assessment At Baptist Hospital Of Miami

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Register to read the introduction… Ensuring agreement with the acquired information and accounting for the requirements of managing, administrative, authorized agencies. F. Making the process simple and guaranteeing the application of patient security actions such as medication safety systems, diagnostic tests, and falls prevention program; also improved tracking systems for preventive screenings. G. Providing assurance of staff participation in academic and informational programs on risk management and patient safety. H. Reducing the changes of acquiring a lawsuit by coming up with an acceptable and applicable patient communication and informative agreement. This consists of contacting immediate family members of the patient and discussing every event and any errors that may have occurred in the time that the patient was under the care of the facility with an effective plan to deal with complications. I. Filling the organization in on different strategies that can be used to prevent threatening situations from happening and also improve safety of the patient’s surroundings, which would also protect volunteers, visitor, and staff members. J. Adding high quality evaluations and advancement programs al around the …show more content…
• Patient’s concerns on whether or not the organization meets their needs. • Quality performance data. Following the above mentioned guidelines will ensure that organizational goals are met for quality management purposes. Because risk management and patient safety is the responsibility of every member of the organization, it is crucial that a leadership team steps up as an example to follow. The risk management assessment will help the Baptist Hospital of Miami to protect and maintain the safety of patients, employees, volunteers, third parties and property risks.
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