Risk Factors Of Homelessness

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Although there are other risk factors, such as poverty and housing availability, in one’s becoming unhoused, this paper will explore one of the key components, unemployment, and how it can lead to homelessness. For this paper, unemployment will be defined as a loss of a job where one worked and later lost, an inability to find work, or being unable to work due to a disability. Using the public health, ecological model this paper will show how each of the levels of the model affect the possibility of losing one’s home. In addition this essay will attempt to show how the risk factors combine to have an affect an individual’s ability to maintain housing or become displaced.
From individual risk factors which find a person without work to
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One of the factors that contributes to the risk is unemployment, That is because being able to pay rent is essential to staying in a home. Which means that having an income, and for most people that means having a job, is a crucial component for stable housing. Not having a job means there is a higher likelihood of becoming homeless. Becoming unemployed can happen for many reasons such as becoming mentally or physically disabled, not having adequate education or training and being fired from or quitting a job, These are a few risk factors which can lead to a lack of employment, and ultimately homelessness. Single person households which don’t have a second income to fall back on are at increased risk of homelessness when they experience unemployment. (Byrne et al 2012) These factors combine with others in the different layers of the ecological model and increase to one’s chance of becoming …show more content…
He is told of a waiting period before the checks will begin. This is a societal risk factor. At this point he is at a higher risk of becoming homeless. Mr LeChat calls his family to ask for a loan to pay his rent. Unfortunately his family is poor so they don’t have the money to loan. (Shinn 2007) These are his relationship risk factors. Mr LeChat is lucky enough to have his unemployment check before his rent is due. He gets job training through the EDD office and if he can find a job before his checks run out, he may be able to stay in his home. Finally these are his community risk factors. This story demonstrates the key risk factors of homelessness are poverty, ability to pay an affordable rent and unemployment. These factors, in combinations with individual circumstances, can increase the risk of becoming homeless. Those who have the least amount of support either ,through income, community or family support, or other assistance programs, are the most vulnerable to becoming displaced due to the loss of a job, which is how unemployment can lead to

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