Risk Factors In Nutrition Education During Prenatal Care

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Risk Factors While nutrition can cause potential problems, healthcare workers are worried about the nutrition status of a patient before conception as well as during the fetal development. Lack of nutrition before conception and being of adolescence age can cause risk factors such as low-birth-weight and preterm labor. (Lowdermilk, Perry, & Cashion, 2010) Since the patient is lacking in any prenatal care or education, intervention; when appropriate, will need to be utilized. The patient has had a previous pregnancy which was aborted, at this appointment she should have received some educational information on how to take care of herself and her body while going through adolescence. Some educational information should have been given as …show more content…
Along with nutrition education during prenatal care, there are other factors that can affect the outcome of a birth. Major health defects occur between the second and eighth week of gestation, prenatal care can help reduce these risks and reduce infant mortality with early treatment of potential problems. (Sommer, et al., 2013) It is recommended to do an ultrasound during the first twenty weeks of gestation and during the third trimester, as well as diagnostic testing for hypertension, gestational diabetes and other infectious diseases is recommended. (Abu-Ghanem, Sheiner, Sherf, Wiznitzer, Sergienko, & Shoham-Vardi, …show more content…
If the patient is stabilized enough to be discharged home, education on the symptoms of preterm labor should be presented in a formal way so that the patient understands the signs and symptoms. They include uterine contractions occurring more frequently than ten minutes for an hour or more and that are painful, any increased discharge including mucoid or watery discharge, also if the discharge displays any bloody tint. (Lowdermilk, Perry, & Cashion, 2010) If the symptoms of preterm labor continue the patient should try to empty their bladder, drink two to three glasses of fluids, lie down in the left lateral recumbent position in order to maintain the pressure off of the aorta to prevent hypotension and increase oxygen to the fetus, palpate and time contractions and if the symptoms presume contact the health care provider to determine if the patient needs to come into the hospital. (Lowdermilk, Perry, & Cashion,

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