Risk Factors For Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

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Hospital is an institution which provides medical and surgical treatment where nurses care patients in order to improve their health condition. Despite that sometimes, patients’ may develop infectious disease while receiving the health care facilities through various invasive procedures. Nosocomial infection is infection which is acquired in hospitals setting to the admitted patient which may come in sight after 48hours of admission or within 30days of discharge (Tagoe et al., 2011, p. 22). Ventilator associated pneumonia(VAP) is one of the common nosocomial infection in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where patients develop lung infection due to use of the machine called ventilator. A study of Galal (2016, p.9)
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The risk factor for developing VAP are: mechanical ventilation duration and ICU stay, lung disease, stroke, hemorrhagic transformation and insufficient oxygen during the course (Kasuya et al., 2011, p278). Patient under mechanical ventilation should be observe for possible risk outcome such as chronic lungs disease, antibiotic prophylaxis, nutritional status of the patient, suction of secretion, daily x-ray, and fluid volume balance. Close surveillance and monitoring to improve the condition of VAP patient is essential because through the observation most of the problem can be identified which helps in modelling the action plan, implementing those action plan, discussing the current situations with other staff member, finding out the best treatment with the help of problem found during observation and observing the effectiveness of the provided treatment. A study of Ceballos et al.,(2013,p.162) reveals that through the surveillance the ICU nurses were successful to improve the health condition of VAP patient. While observing they identified the problem and they collectively assembled each problem and tries to build up the action plan, and set the target goal in order to improve the condition after series of discussion with team member and coworker they formulate the treatment regime and implicate it, as a result the cases of VAP were decreased. In the field of health most of the issue related with health can be identified through close surveillance. It is necessary to improve patient safety measurement in

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