Risk Factors And Concussions In Rugby

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Rugby is the high contact and rough sport played by both females and males. It consist of two teams competing where by one team can consist of 7, 10, 13 or 15 players as well as the other team. It features a combination of speed and strategy in other to score against the opponents. It evolved from football (soccer) and players wear little of protective clothes which results to high percentage of injury in this sport. The ball is moved by running with it within the pitch where by all players must remain inside or behind the ball. The player who is running the ball can be tackled and once that happens, he or she must pass the ball to his or her team mates to keep the game continuous. A ruck occurs when the ball currier
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Step 1 incident and severity – we basically look at the risk play like tackling, scrumming etc.
Step2. Identification of risk factors
Step 3 institution of prevention technique. - Once the cause is identified, players and coaches are instructed on methods for prevention.
• When scrumming, maul and ruck athletes should fully bend their knees, crouch and not lower one’s head and the athletes head must not ever be used as the fulcrum and by placing the regions from ones face to ones chest on the field.
• Wearing of headgears is advised safe
• Wearing of mouth guards – provide dental protection and erotica injuries.
• Playing surface should be even and unconcerned- variety of concussion depends on the surface
• Warm up and fitness- always warmup to prepare the body for any physical activity.
• Apply law s of the game.

Long term prevention from concussion
• Tackling, scrumming and ruck techniques should be modallised and be properly thought to

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