Solution Essay: The Risks Due To Obesity

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Risks Due to Obesity

Obesity is responsible for approximately 400,000 deaths a year (Libal 7). For decades the rates of obesity have been increasing every year due to lack of physical exercise and eating excessively or unhealthily. Furthermore, people are not aware of health problems that are caused by obesity. About 35% of adults are obese and 31 % of children and adolescents are overweight. (“Overweight and Obesity in the U.S”). Obesity is currently a big issue in America; being overweight can affect a person’s emotional, physical, and mental health, and more people need to be educated about this. Obesity is a growing epidemic around the world; it is defined mostly by having large amount of body fat and heaviness. This causes many physical conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, apnea, high cholesterol and asthma, as well as numerous types of diseases like gallbladder illness, strokes, and cardiovascular disease (Libal 16). Studies show about 2.8 million adults die every year from diabetes (45%), heart diseases (23%), and 7% to 40% to dissimilar types of cancers caused by obesity. However, obesity depends on sex, height, age, fitness level and
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Obesity contributes to this because it can cause mental problems when people do not have friends and feel discriminated, lonely, guilty and bullied, all of which can lead to suicide. Low self-esteem causes people to be alone, not talk to anyone, and think of themselves as bad due to being fat. Another factor of poor self-esteem is being uncomfortable, not wanting to go anywhere, and feeling bad about their shape and looks. They develop guilt because they feel that it is their fault; nobody likes them because they are overweight and look unlike others. All of these psychological issues can be reduce by exercising, having positive thoughts about themselves, having friends, and most importantly, being treated right like everybody

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