Risk Assessment Paper

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Risk Assessment Paper
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Risk Assessment Paper
The use of pesticides is an important decision that thousands of communities face each year. Nobody likes dealing with mosquitos and the diseases they bring so using chemicals and pesticides is an option but with other consequences. Mosquitos carry West Nile Virus that affects the city of Genericville every year with 50 cases projected this year in the city and two fatalities as well. On the other hand, the chemicals proposed for controlling the mosquito population has its own risks. The pesticide Malathion is also dangerous to people if they come in contact with it before it degrades. The potential for citizens of the city being exposed is almost a certainty
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The dose response assessment is the relationship between the amount of exposure and seriousness of its effects. This chemical has little effect if the exposure is low like someone who is walking through an area that recently was sprayed. Someone who is applying the chemical on a regular basis will have a much greater risk. It seems from the information that I have gathered points to uncommon exposure to the average person depending on the circumstances.
Exposure may be the most critical aspect of risk assessment. It measures how much, often, and long humans are exposed to Malathion. Opponents estimate that there could be as many as ninety cases of malathion-related illness from the proposed program with four that may be fatal (Appendix B). Compare that to only the two fatalities projected for the coming mosquito season. In my opinion, the risk of exposure is more dangerous than the risk of WNV due to mosquito bites.
Risk characterization is the probability of people having adverse health effects due to exposure and dose. People who work around these chemicals and farms are more venerable to pesticide exposure than any other groups. Most pesticides are toxic so any exposure carries a risk. The likelihood of experiencing adverse health effects from exposure to any pesticide, including malathion, depends primarily on the amount of pesticide that a person contacts and the amount of time the person is in contact with

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