Risk Assessment Of The Department Of Homeland Security Essay

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Risk is everywhere. Risk assessment is everywhere. Think about almost everything you do today, you are thinking a million miles a minute in your brain about the risk. Your thinking, “is this safe? How safe is this? What are the risk to doing this?” Every day the Department of Homeland Security is doing this risk assessment on everything in its control. These assessments are being done on facilities, areas, events and personnel that it is ultimately responsible for. The Department of Homeland Security has a formula to assign a level to the assessments being done.

Risk Assessment Basics
There are many forms of risk assessment being used by different agencies everywhere. There are multiple ways these are done also. A couple examples would be in the military or police force. One example is a known operation coming up in the future where you have time to plan it out and think of all the hazards and find ways to eliminate or reduce these hazards. There is also a form of what would seem to be a hasty or on the spot risk assessment. This would be conducted in seconds, usually on seen or in a firefight when something unexpected has come up and you need to deal with the situation. You still conduct the same steps, just without the length of time to plan for all contingencies. Because of the time constraint, these are usually riskier.
The Department of Homeland Security may come upon a situation like these in the future. For their basic operations or for conducting an…

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