Limitations In Nurse Assessment

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Nurses and junior doctors’ skill and competency are closely related to patient safety. The current finding has triggered the needs to improve in care provided to the patient. In this chapter, the researcher will conclude the study; limitations involve in the study, and propose recommendations that can be considered to be applied in nursing education, practice and research field.

Nurses and junior doctors demonstrated poor knowledge of risk assessment but perceived themselves as having a good attitude and good practice in patient assessment. However, they need to develop more knowledge about patient assessment rather than simply routinely observing patients. The information gathered from observation is of limited value unless
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The students are the future workforce. Their competency and skills are much needed in a future healthcare setting. Therefore, a modification in risk assessment contain is suggested. Track and trigger concept should be emphasized during the training period. Track and trigger concept can be adapted from NICE guideline. In NICE guideline, most important aspect has been discussed in details (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), 2007). Then, simulation can be applied in assessing students’ risk assessment skills. Besides assessing, simulation also can be used as a teaching method. Using simulation in teaching process may improve students’ skills, confident and …show more content…
MEWS can be used as standardized vital sign monitoring tools (Ludikhize, Borgert, Binnekade, Subbe, Dongelman, & Goossens, 2014). As proof by the previous study, Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) does help in identified patient at risk of deterioration earlier (So, Ong, Wong , Chung, & Graham, 2015). Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) also may enhance nurses’ competency level in risk assessment as their awareness level will be increased. Besides Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS), an outreach team should be established to help healthcare provider in the general ward. Outreach Team is a combination of an expert in each field in healthcare that will provide critical care treatment to a patient outside the ICU (Hillman, et al., 2005). With the help from this team, unplanned admission to ICU can be prevented. Thus, also helps in solving limited ICU

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