Risk And Quality Management Assessment Essay

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Risk and Quality Management Assessment Summary
Risk and quality management are vital elements when it comes to operations of any organization, and even more crucial to a health care organization such as the hospital - Ocean Medical Center for example. Ocean Medical Center, a 315-bed facility, is located in New Jersey and has become the essential part of the community since its opening in 1984. The hospital offers services ranging from cancer care, cardiac, emergency, orthopedic, stroke treatment and recovery, pediatric, and surgical services. It also offers different neuroscience & neurology rehabilitation program (Meridian Health System, n.d.).
According to Donn (2005), “Risk management is a systematic process that helps health care providers identify, evaluate, and address problems that might injure patients, lead to malpractice claims, and cause financial loss to health care entities" (p. 5). However, quality management is the control of all transformation processes of an organization to improve the effectiveness of treatments and increase patient well-being with the services provided (Dodwad, 2013, p. 139).
An hospital could be described as an organization that is trained, staffed and equipped for administering health care services, along with inpatient care, surgery, emergent and urgent care, and has facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Purpose of Risk and Quality Management in Health Care Organizations (Ocean Medical Center)
The primary objective of…

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