$ 1, 000 Per Pill Sovaldi Case Analysis

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If you have been to the doctor lately, I am sure you have noticed the rising costs for prescription medications. Did you know the costs are determined by the very companies that produce them? There are no limitations on what they are allowed to charge for any medications they produce. If you find yourself in need for certain drugs, be prepared for the biggest sticker shock you will probably ever encounter. This has prompted insurance companies and doctors to call foul on the major pharmaceutical companies. The catalyst for this fight is Gilead’s $1,000-per-pill Sovaldi, which is used to treat hepatitis C. A patient required to take one pill a day for 24 weeks would have to pay
$168,000. (Al-Faruque, 2014) I would not be willing to pay such a huge amount to treat
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“If you are making $3 billion a year on Gleevec, could you get by with
$2 billion?” Dr. Druker, who is now director of the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon
Health and Science University, said in an interview. “When do you cross the line from essential profits to profiteering?” (Pollack, 2013) Why try to extend the life of a patient if they can’t afford to live? Many doctors are now asking this same question, and seeking alternatives for their patients.
Why aren’t more alternatives available? One answer is you can’t put a patent on nature. There are natural medications that have similar effects as the prescription medications on the market. Many doctors will not disclose that fact because they are programmed to push the pharmaceuticals, and often times receive kick-backs from the drug manufacturers for prescribing their drugs. Everyone involved benefits financially from the drug makers, except the patients. Where do we draw the line, and can we? The insurance companies have started the fight and doctors are pushing for lower costs. As a society, we can stand up to the big Pharmaceuticals and demand prices that patients can actually afford. The question is how much is too much before we

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