Rise Of Robots Essay

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In this book written by author Martin Ford in "Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future he talks about the threat of job loss and economic difficulties that future use of robots are putting on the workers. Do you like your job? Are you easily replaceable? What about a robot taking over your job? These robots are coming for pretty much any job from fast food to sorting boxes in a factory. Are these robots getting too smart, too flexible and too convenient? Well, that's a problem because if robots get so good that they take all the jobs, our long 200 years of progress with robots may make us go into reverse. In this paper I will be going over parts in the book that I feel are the most important for others to know.
Baxter, this one robot “worker” that is more than a year’s wage less than an US manufacturing worker. Baxter like many other robots replacing our workers it is made to work in close proximity to people. These robots are programmed to do certain
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43).” Which is why the United States has seen a big jump in how many people are on long-term unemployment. And the problem with long-term unemployment is that the workers can lose their job skills and may become discouraged and despaired in finding a new job. In the book it talks about a field experiment done by Rand Ghayad a man with his PhD in economics at Northern University found that a person recently unemployed with no industry experience is much more likely to be called in for an interview over someone with applicable experience who’s been out of work for like six months. Have you seen job applications that ask about work history and have a box asking about if you haven’t been employed for the past six months it gives you a box to explain why? It sounds like you don’t have a very good chance getting a call back which is sad and unfair to the skilled

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