Rise Of Islam : Islamic World Essay

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Rise of Islam
It was hard to believe that one man with a mission can create a religion that is the second most populace on Earth. Below is a discussion of the rise of Islam until the mid-600 AD and concluding with a comparison of its early formation to Christianity. One making something out of nothing is extremely difficult to do, but it is not far fetched as long as there is faith.
Arabia, more specifically Mecca, was the birthplace of Islam, and became the nucleus of the Islamic world. Mecca was slightly inland from the Red Sea, tucked away among the Hijaz region. The cities vast, dry conditions were useless for farming, however benefited more from trade and traveling merchants. The Ka’ba, or cube like structure inside the al-Masjid al-Haram mosque in Mecca, is the most sacred Muslim site in the world, and is said “to house as many as 360 representatives, or idols, of gods, instead of just one”. (Egger, 2004) Others believe that the Ka’ba housed only one God, Allah. Nonetheless, the site was used by the Bedouin, Desert tribesmen, and inhabitants of other cities to worship and to trade. One of those merchants was a man by the name of Muhammad.
Muhammad was a tradesman and merchant that began receiving messages from God through an Angel named Gabriel, stating that he was a prophet along the same roles as Jesus and Moses. His wife, uncle/father-in-law Abu Bakr, and cousin Ali were the first to convert to Islam. The Arabs of Mecca were tolerant of Muhammad’s new found…

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