The Joseon Dynasty

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The Joseon Dynasty laid the path for many aspects of design found throughout the world, in present day, including architecture, art, inventions, motifs, and furniture.
The history of North Korea has consisted of numerous accounts of conflict and division. Although it is said that the Korean peninsula has been inhabited since the Lower Paleolithic times, the first kingdom of Gojoseon, was founded in 2333 B.C.E. by Dangun. [1] Gojoseon, referred to as The Old Joseon, began the creation of the Proto-Three Kingdom period consisting of three small kingdoms known as Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla.[2] Silla gained power through significant aid from China and ultimately conquered most of the peninsula by 668 C.E. to create the Unified Silla period. [2]
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Taejo founded Joseon on the ashes of the Goryeo Kingdom with its capital city Kaesong.[1] The dynasty settled it’s capital city in modern day Seoul and built the Gyeongbokgung palace; this meant expanding the kingdoms borders to reach both the Tumen river and the Yalu river. Taejo was going to continue to rule the dynasty as “Goryeo,” with only changing the royal bloodline to himself, but then decided a “clean break” from the previous dynasty was what he needed to successfully rule as King. In 1393, King Taejo declared a new dynasty, the Joseon dynasty, reviving the ancient Joseon founded nearly four thousand years previous.The official name, the "Kingdom of Great Joseon," became simply the Yi dynasty.[1] The dynasty flourished under the rule of King Taejo; for example, in 1394, the king declared Neo-Confucianism as the nation’s new religion. As a result, there was a major loss of power and wealth by the Buddhists.[2] Looking back on the history today, the Joseon Dynasty became the last dynasty of Korea. It has also earned the distinction of having been the longest-lived ruling dynasty in East Asia during the last millennium.[1] But not only was it the last dynasty, it was the last dynasty of its kind! The Joseon Dynasty was the last Confucian Dynasty in the world, putting a dent into Confucian decent. As stated earlier, the fall of the Dynasty came at the annexation of Korea by the Japanese in

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