Riordan Manufacturing Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing has grown from a small plastics research and development firm to a multinational plastics manufacturing power in the brief span of 14 years. This growth has seen Riordan expand their operation to multiple manufacturing and distribution points across North America and China. Riordan now services over 32 customers of varying size, including automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, appliance manufacturers, and beverage bottlers. This rapid growth, enabled through a series of acquisitions, an excellent product line, and aggressive sales, has enabled Riordan to increase market share while maintaining excellent customer relations and competitive pricing. However, this growth has …show more content…
The company and our customers would have real-time access to order fulfillment, delivery, and inventory levels. Customers would use their password to log into the system and see if the item is currently back ordered, in the manufacturing process, in stock and/or in transit. The customer would be able to place orders directly through this system also. Riordan will provide a password-protected ordering system using a website over HTTPS. This system will interface with the inventory, sales and financing systems to facilitate easy and reliable order taking. The system will also be linked into our transportation providers' websites, allowing customers to easily track their shipments using the tracking numbers given to each shipment.
Creating visibility from a purchase and sales interface into the inventory system will greatly reduce the possibility of error in the manual sales process that we currently employ. The products that are in stock and available at any Riordan location will be shown available for distribution and relocation to any other Riordan location or could be drop shipped directly from a Riordan distribution center to the customer's doorstep. Using this new system, customers could also create automatic reorder levels by date to replenish their stock automatically. This would be one system that allows every customer to use the same format and eliminate the costly mistakes and errors that are more likely to occur in the manual order process.

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