Riordan Manufacturing Management and Communication Plan Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing Management and Communication Plan
Riordan Manufacturing’s main focus is to find solutions for their customer’s challenges and not be the challenge. In order to do this and maintain these long-standing relationships there will need to be changes to the company’s management and communication plans. These changes will provide more employee satisfaction and efficiency throughout the company. Unfortunately change always comes with some resistance from employees but Riordan Industries will strive to keep employees well advised and well supported throughout this change to maintain our innovated work environment.
Power Structure
Riordan Manufacturing infrastructure revolves around informal and formal power structures
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Most important, we will continue to monitor the results of our advertising services by tracking which offers and promotions work the best.
Communication Plan
Communicating change in an organization is a critical and difficult task. Communicating change is both a critical and difficult task. Organizations undergo change for a variety of reasons including mergers and updating financial systems. Change must be communicated effectively to have a positive effect. For example, poor communication leads to employees being both inadequately and wrongly informed. To help the change go as planned organizations need to efficiently execute communication.
Communication Channels
To create an effective communication plan redundancy and repletion are both a must. Our first priority is to share the plan with employees as soon as possible. First, we will send a company-wide email noting the upcoming changes. The email will act as a merge or change initiative. Some organizations make the mistake of only using one communication channel to communicate important changes. Our goal is to provide our employees multiple opportunities to communicate concerns, ask questions, and offer suggestions. This is key because employees will feel involved in the process, which will help prevent the likelihood of the plan failing. Second we will conduct a live conference with employees

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