Riordan Inventory or Manufacturing Processes Paper

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Riordan Inventory or Manufacturing Processes Paper

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The success of any manufacturing company is dependent on its manufacturing system design. The system design concept has been the basic force in manufacturing advancement. Without manufacturing design, all manufacturing would be stuck in the “square wheel” era. The first system design was the invention of the forerunner of the modern factory nearly 200 years ago. New design concepts are continually improving and impacting the worlds manufacturing.

The Information Revolution is said to be a massive change in the way organizations conduct business. In this day and age when time and
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Description of Current Business Processes

Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-001 Process Evaluation has been requested by COO Hugh McCauley to suggest specific systems changes that would improve the inventory or manufacturing processes. Riordan would like to use computer system utilization to become more efficient. Team B will create a business requirements definition for system upgrades/improvements to be given to the IT department or information systems consultants. Upon review of the Riordan Manufacturing Companies Inventory and manufacturing processes, we determined areas that are in need of improvement. Discussion follows regarding Riordan’s present processes and how they can be changed to improve the efficiency. (Riordan Manufacturing Inc.,2006) The current process for receiving raw materials requires that the Riordan receiving area supervisor compare the shipping documents against the scheduled incoming orders. The receiving supervisor receives the scheduled orders report every week and they are organized by date. When product is delivered, the truck driver provides the shipping documents to the shipping are supervisor. At the end of each day, the receiving supervisor gives the log of all raw materials received and the shipping documents to the receiving clerk. The inventory clerk then enters the information into the inventory system. The information includes the type of materials received,

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