Riordan China Report Essay

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Riordan China Report

Riordan China Report As a multinational organization, Riordan Manufacturing deals with multiple ethical issues involving corporate social responsibility (CSR). There are a number of serious social issues which affect developing countries as well as large countries such as China and the United States. These issues include the degradation of the environment, collapse of the global financial system, the abuse of human rights, and the improper use of child labor. There are numerous agents (stakeholders) involved in these ethical debates including employees of the corporation, government agencies, NGOs, consumers, and the media (Lopez-De-Pedro & Rimbau-Gilabert, 2012). Riordan Manufacturing is faced with
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The health outcomes, the economical consequences, and significance on the environment for the future are all considered by analysts when assessing environment health issues. The second issue relates to human rights in the form of better wages and improved working conditions for employees at a motor manufacturing plant in China. [Maybe you cover it below, but more detail about the allegations against Yin would be good here.] The Yin Motor Company manufactures the motors for Riordan fans. Yin management is preparing a response to the workers’ grievances, which is due by early next month. . A worker strike at Yin Motor Company would affect production and distribution of Riordan Manufacturing fans. The third issue also concerns the Yin Motor Company, and it involves child labor regulations. During the brief worker strike, child labor issues emerged regarding the number of children working under the legal age of 14, as well as the hazardous working conditions and work duties of children.
Water Supply Contamination A potential water supply contamination and health outbreak in the Hangzhou, China area could be the result of a chemical exposure from carbolic acid. Riordan does not specifically use carbolic acid; however there could be phenols, or other toxic by-products released into the water supply from the manufacturing process. An internal analysis is being initiated immediately. In addition

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