Rio Salado 's Library Services Essay

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Lesson one was full of new experiences. Before this assignment, I had not utilized Rio Salado’s library services. This first week of Psy290AB allowed me to become familiar with the research tools provided online through the library and to learn a bit more about a few topics of interest. This exercise also introduced me to American Psychological Association formatting. Details of my search and findings follow. Accessing Rio Salado library was smooth as silk. In less than three seconds I had clicked Article Databases, Psychology and PsycARTICLES (EBSOCO) and advanced search. Typing depression and exercise and clicking search yielded one hundred results. Narrowing this query by searching for these terms in the subject words decreased the list to twenty-seven. Per the suggestion by our required textbook, (Gravetter & Forzano, 2012, p. 40), these topics were chosen because they are of interest to me. Empirical evidence and secondary sources I have encountered taught me that aerobic activities decrease depression symptoms however I was curious about the primary literature. The title, “Influence of Aerobic Exercise on Depression” caught my eye and after reading the abstract I pulled up the entire article (McCann & Holmes, 1984). The study was performed with forty-three undergraduate women who had scores above eleven on the Beck Depression Inventory. Testing was completed at the beginning, middle and end of five weeks. Sixteen participants were randomly assigned to the aerobic…

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